Sports Forum

Education through sport and play allows management students to better enjoy and engage with the learning process while enhancing social connectedness between participants. This creates an environment more conducive to open communication and encourages a love of learning.

It is well established that sport and play have innately enjoyable and participatory qualities that, when tapped into effectively, have the power to enhance educational outcomes. In order to achieve these positive outcomes, sports forum is designed, implemented and evaluated to ensure the best aspects of sport and play.


  • Physical Development of students
  • Social Development of students
  • Emotional Development of students
  • Mental Development of students

Academics Forum

The Academic Forum is an inclusive forum that brings students from HR, Marketing and Finance specialization on the same platform. It encourages and helps students to work on various skills. The forum organizes poster, essay, group discussion, and debate competitions. This will help them to improve their communication skills, build confidence and reflect on material that they have read or worked with outside of class.


  • To engage students in Quiz, Group discussions, Debate and competitions.
  • To help students to practice writing, improve communication skills and update with current affairs.
  • To help students to prepare and make familiar with the interviews.

Library Forum

The library forum intends to promote the culture of reading and disseminate useful information to Management students.


  • To select, evaluate and acquire library materials in varied formats to meet and respond to the needs of the management fraternity.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge, skills and talent in literary and management space.

Corporate Connect Forum

The corporate connect forum intends to develop an understanding of the corporate requirements and tune the skills of students in accordance with the same. The forum helps to develop corporate student connections and enhance the capabilities in line with present corporate expectations, inviting the experts to share their knowledge, experience, and views on developing students’ knowledge, attitude, and skills.


  • To engage the students in building corporate connect
  • To find the requirements of the Corporate and develop the skills & capabilities
  • It provides opportunities for volunteering and exhibiting leadership

Social Events Forum

Social event forum is established with an aim to bring out the hidden talents of the students and developing a culture of of giving back to society among students.


  • To encourage students to exhibit their talent
  • To conduct singing, dance, Mimicry events
  • To encourage students to participate in competition conducted by other colleges
  • To conduct various social programs for upliftment of society
  • To provides opportunities for volunteering and exhibiting leadership