Key differentiators

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Rural Immersion (RI) Program:

Rural Immersion is a distinctive initiative, which was instituted by SMSR in 2014 to sensitize budding leaders, entrepreneurs & managers, about the dynamics of the rural markets and rural livelihoods. India’s soul lies in its rural areas and a sound understanding of rural India and its diversities, is critical for future leaders and management professionals.

Rural immersion Program aims :

· To sensitize our students to the lives of rural folks and thereby identify marketing and entrepreneurial opportunities.

· To provide an opportunity to the students to apply their classroom learning in a real-time environment.  

· To understand and refine market strategies, so as to improve the efficacy of interventions in the rural market.

Entrepreneurship Track (ET)

The Entrepreneurship Track is designed to provide MBA students with the tools, experiences, and support necessary to facilitate development as an entrepreneur, leader and innovator in their chosen field or industry. The track combines traditional coursework and experiential learning opportunities, supported by faculty members, who provide a comprehensive experience throughout the program. The track develops an entrepreneurial mindset and hones the skills that the students need to develop a new enterprise with potential for growth and funding.

Objectives of this track are:

To promote entrepreneurship

To engage in entrepreneurial process

To support ideas and promote startups.


Research Experience:

This is a unique initiative of SMSR with an aim to promote research skills among students. The track offers students an opportunity to pursue research and learn more than theory. The objectives of the track are:

To enhance research aptitude

To engage in research

To publish research outcomes



Nostalgia – a corporate Fest

Nostalgia, a corporate festival initiated in the year 2014, is a unique idea-sharing forum and a perfect place for practical learning. The event hosts corporate executives for 2 days, who participate in the plethora of activities designed and executed by the students of SMSR. The forum brings the corporate executives and the students on the same platform, boosting social interaction and exchanging ideas and concepts. Students of SMSR, drive these activities, end to end with the administrative support by the university, which helps them to become better leaders, entrepreneurs and managers in the future. Moreover, the students get an opportunity to showcase their leadership and management skills to their future employers.  The fest has also facilitated in strengthening the institute’s relationship with the corporate world.