Prof. Virupakshi .R. Hiremath

Prof. Virupakshi .R. Hiremath

Assistant Professor


  • UG :  BA (Psychology), LLB (spl),
  • PG : PG: LLM (Business in Trade Law), MBA (Marketing & Human Resource)
  • Other : Ph.D.–Pursuing from Visveswaraya Technological University, Belagavi,Other:MDHRM, Digital Marketing – IIM Jammu, Legal Regulation in Communication Technologies – IIT Kharagpur, FDP – IIM Trichy & IIM Vishakhapatnam,

Areas Of Interest

Social Media Marketing

 Digital marketing, E -Tailing

Legal Aspects of Business, Legal Aspects of Marketing


  1. A Study on ethical issues of e-tailing in India” Published in International journal for Research in Engineering application and Management (ISO Certified Journal 3297:2007, ISSN:2454:9150) of April 2021,Vol 7,Issue1.0
  2.  “A Study on Analysis of E-Contract Issues in E-Tailing” Published in  International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) Volume 8, Issue5, May 2021 S.No: 158.
  3. “The Future of E-Tailing in India” Published in International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology (IJIRT) ISSN – 2349 – 6002, Volume – 7, Issue -12, May–2021.
  4. “A Study on Effects of Socio-Culture on the Business in India” Published in BIMS International research journal Of Management and Commerce(Online ISSN:2456:6381) of March 2018,Vol 3,Issue1.
  5. “Brand Building through Phygital Marketing” Published in International journal for research in Engineering application and Management (ISO Certified Journal 3297:2007,ISSN:2454:9150)of Nov 2018,Vol 4,Issue8.

     Patent Publication

    1. Artificial Intelligence Based Technique to Predictand Analyze the Sales of Ecommerce Sites.
    2. Modelling A Security Module of Cyber Through Artificial Intelligence
    3. Artificial Intelligence Based System for Addressing the Privacy Security Aspects of Wireless Networks
    4. Big Data Analytic Technique on Reviews of E- Commerce Sites to Identify the Fake and Genuine Comments.

    Case Study Publications

    "A Case Study on Analysis of Fraud Issues in  E-tailing" has been published in "NOLEGEIN Journal of Management Information Systems" Volume – 4, Issue – 2, ISSN – 2581-6810, DOI (Journal): 10.37591/NJMIS.