Dr. Ansumalini Panda

Dr. Ansumalini Panda

Assistant Professor


  • UG : Sociology
  • PG : Personnel Management and Industrial Relation
  • Other : PhD- Management (National Institute of Technology Rourkela),Qualified-UGC NET (2011)

Areas Of Interest

Human Resource Management,Organizational Behaviour,
Work-life Balance,Employee Retention,Psycological Empowerment,
Organization Citizenship Behavior


Paper Publication

  1. S, Pasumart and Panda, A. (2022). Does Employee Welfare in Small Scale Business Make A Difference On Retention– A Case Study of Odisha”, Empirical Economics Letters. (ABDC B ranking).
  2. Panda, A. and Sahoo, C.K. (2021), "Work–life balance, retention of professionals and psychological empowerment: an empirical validation", European Journal of Management Studies ,Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. https://doi.org/10.1108/EJMS-12-2020-0003.
  3. Panda, A., Mishra, S and Sahoo,C.K. (2020). Prioritization of Work-life balance through employee commitment and psychological empowerment : An impact assessment using ana lytical hierarchy process (AHP). Business Process Management Journal (Emerald Publication) (Review Submited). Manuscript ID is BPMJ-09-2021-0573.
  4. Panda, A., and Banker, S. (2021). Work-life balance and Organizational effectiveness:An emphasis on mediating effect of employee commitment",International journal ofBusiness Excellence (Inderscience Publication), Scopus indexed with ABDC ranking,Accepted for publication.Publication ID- IJBEX-91769.
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  7. Hiremath, S;Panda, A;C,S;Pasumarti, S (2022). An empirical investigation of customer characteristics on Retail Format Selection - A mediating role of store image. Journal of Indian Business Research (Scopus and ABDC ranking Indexed  Emerald Publication).Accepted

    Patent Publication

    Title of Invention-System For Assessment of Work-Life balance and and Method Thereof

    Application No- 202221005050A

    Date of Filling Application-31/01/2022

    Publication Date-25/02/2022


    Other Publications (conference based)


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    Book Chapter Publication


    Panda,A (2013). Workforce Diversity :Challenges and best practices. Human Resources Management in India : Emerging Issues and Challenges. 212-235, ISBN NO-9788177083644.


    Panda, A (2021). Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in HR practices: An empirical Analysis.Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Environment: Futuristic Management Perspectives and Practices,Emrald Publication. Accepted for publication.


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