Trimester System

Since inception, SMSR-MBA has been able to stand out from the rest in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. The school has strong Board of Studies which includes members from IIMs, TISS, IIFT and Leading Industries. Their guidance has set the right perspective to the program. The incumbents will have great learning experience with a unique differentiator – TRIMESTER SYSTEM. This system is being followed by all top ranking institutions in the country. SMSR-MBA program will have 6 terms (3 terms/ year) of 11-14 weeks. Each term includes focused 4 theory courses and 2 skill / project /practice oriented courses adding to 13-16 credits per term. This new system (6 terms) redistributes the courses of semester system (4 semesters) without compromising any courses or content. The advantages of Trimester System are to learn better, enhance competencies, score well and good career. Students will have more freedom and flexibility in their learning.