Key Differentiator


The MBA program is knitted with Student, Institution and Industry Track and Rural Immersion Track (figure 1) to blend the continuous classroom learning and field experience for better knowledge, skills and attitude. Further, students who are interested in entrepreneurship and research will have privilege to pursue them and impact society.

  • Student, Institution and Industry Track (SIIT)
  • Rural Immersion (RI)
  • Research Experience Track (RE)
  • This is a unique initiative at SMSR towards research. Students Interested in pursuing research as career, this track will help them to experience the research process. The objectives of this track are:

    • Enhance research aptitude
    • Encourage to engage in research
    • Practice for technical writing
    • Publish research outcomes

    Only few selected students are considered for this track.

  • Entrepreneurship Track (ET)
  • This decade is of entrepreneurs, start-ups and entrepreneurship. This track is to nurture entrepreneurship in the students who have potential to becoming entrepreneur. The objectives of this track are:

    • Promote entrepreneurship
    • Engage in entrepreneurial process
    • Support ideas and promote start ups
    • Supplement CTIE
  • Nostalgia (Corporate Fest)
  • The Corporate Fest The NOSTALGIA is one of its kind annual fest conducted by the students of SMSR every year. The idea behind conducting a corporate fest instead of the traditional student fest was to give the students an opportunity to showcase their leadership and management skills to their future employer. The idea was also to strengthen the institute‚Äôs relationship with the corporate world further. The first NOSTALGIA was conducted in the year 2014 and was a huge success. With over 16 companies participating in NOSTALGIA2K14, the two-day event oversaw immense competition and fun from the corporate employees. Mass Business Solutions were the overall general champions of NOSTALGIA2K14.